Call Log
Call Log
February 14, 2021
How to send WhatsApp message to unsaved number
February 17, 2021

How Did You Call Me? Find Out Who Has Your Number.

World of mystery we will miss you, or not, time will tell. But for now, we want to know everything, and we want to know now! Because knowledge is power, and we all like to be two steps ahead.

Me is the only app in the world where you can see who saved your number in their Contacts & Reveal exactly who named you and how!
ME is a social network for your contacts, a place where you can renew connections with old friends, colleagues and family 

For example, if someone called you on contacts “Alex Tinder” or maybe “Don’t answer” (Nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to the best of us),
you can see precisely who.

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Who Saved My Number

You need to know!
your name list is private ! only you can see the name list! 👀
You got Notify on any update someone had made in your number (if user change your contact name or if user save your number ).

So how do you do it?
You enter ME—>Tap on “Names“—>a list of all the people that saved your number will appear with the way they called you on contacts!
Once you check how you named (tap on the name and see , you can TAP the name itself, and the user’s profile will be open with all their details, including mutual friends.
Save the contact in memory, send whatsapp and more. 

That is why we have added lots of new and exciting tools, on version 6 are you ready?

request a name change
my name is alexa so i can ask now the other side to change my name on his contact
from alex to alexa.
how to?
Slide left the contact name you want to request a name change—>Enter in the box the name you wish the other side change for —> as soon as the other person approved, the contact will automatically switch on the other side to the name you requested).and the contact change to this name.
You will receive an Push notification that your name has changed successfully. And you have an update on a new name.

Finally! Now you can easily see who has your number when you don’t have theirs.
You can filter name results, Just Tap on the filter, on names tap and open more options for you.

Filter on me names

Your Top Names
You can see the new updates on the top screen, such as a new name or list of top names and more.

your top 3 leading names

You will never miss if people save your number with the latest notification system. 🙂

do you Want to see more names?
We have improved the “Invite Friends” screen so you can know which of your contacts do not have the app and easily invite them. tap on invite more friends to open invitation screen

Advanced Sharing options:
now you can easily share name you got on and share with other on social networks
No need to take a screenshot anymore; just Tap the new share button.

if my name list is empty ?
Please understand if the app is new to your region? it can take time till your name list will be full, Once a new user will join you will get a notification with the new name!
If you do not want to wait tell a close friend to download Meapp and watch how he/she named you on contact.

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