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Who Deleted My Phone Number

Who deleted my phone number? Life is a journey, and during it, we meet many different people.

Whether at work, at school, or from different acquaintances, it is dynamic and changing. Some people are temporary guests, some are random, and some become an integral part of our lives. Ultimately, it goes both ways, and sometimes we choose to distance ourselves.

How to check if someone has deleted my number

Go to “My Profile”—-> Tap on the “Who deleted me” tag.

 Important note:

We at ME App believe in freedom of choice and mutuality. Therefore, you can decide if you want to activate this feature or not and change your mind at any time. But, if you turn off the service, you will not see who deleted you, and vice versa. Likewise, your contact won’t be able to know that you deleted them.

Tap on Settings–> Privacy—>”Who deleted me”—>On/Off

* The service is for Me PRO users only.
ֿ* Whenever someone deletes you from your contacts, we will notify you, and you can always log in to your profile and check.
* The feature only works if you and the contact both are ME App users.
* If your list is empty, that means no one deleted you (excellent news, right?), and we’ll notify you in the future if someone deleted you from their contacts.

The awareness that someone has deleted you can benefit you with a few things.    

It can reveal that someone is angry with you without your knowledge and raise your attention. Maybe you haven’t reached out for some time, and the other party believed you are not interested in a relationship with them. Either way, it’s a compelling wake-up call to find out why they choose to delete you from their contacts and save the relationship between you and the person who deleted you.

Another reason it’s helpful to know that someone has deleted you from their contacts is it will make you aware that the other party is not interested in staying in touch. This will give you closure, appreciation for your real friends and will make room for new ones.

The third reason is that we at the Me app strongly believe that early knowledge gives people time to think, consider their steps, act wisely and calmly, and always stay a few steps ahead.

After many inquiries on the subject, we promised to restore the option. However, this time in a much more helpful and reliable way!

Don’t forget, you can always see who watches your profile even if he/she deleted you

We at ME App are constantly working to provide new and exciting features and fulfill users’ requests. We always strive to offer an innovative and high-quality user experience. For any question, request, or idea, we are here at your service.

Don’t have Me yet? download now and reveal who deleted you from his/her contacts
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