Me Web  Version 1.0
now you can search numbers from your computer online, just scan the code inside the app settings.

Tap on ME LOGO —> TAP ME WEB Access-–> A code scanner will open in front

Then, enter the search feature the phone number you want to identify and contact.
of you -> Scan the code that appears on the computer, and log in to ME WEB.

1. Call – this feature will suggest a few platforms for making the call; Skype, mobile and more,
2. Mail – Clicking on an email will automatically open an email sending box.
3. WhatsApp
4. SMS – several options will offer to send a message; you choose according to your wishes.
The other next two features present the options to send and share the contact******
5. Share – Clicking on Sharing will open the option of sending contact information via WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Skype, and Twitter.
6. Share Info – This feature will give you the option to send via email and WhatsApp your full info to the contact, for example: