Terms of Use


Last Update: February 2024

  1. General
    1. NFO Software Development Ltd. (“We” or the “Company”) operating ME for Business (“ME Business” or “The Platform”), a platform intended for business owners, which is an upgrade of the Private Account in the ME app (the “App”). In addition to the Platform, the Company operates its website at the address https://me.app/ (the “Website”), where you can find information about the Company and its services and access the Platform online.
    2. By using ME Business, you can create interactions with your customers efficiently, and more importantly – allow them to reach you easily. Your contacts and conversations can become business leads, that You can manage in the Platform. By using the Platform, You will receive a website that matches the profile created by You on the Platform.
    3. You can find the General Terms of Use, [which You approved at opening a Private Account on the App (Private Account)] at the address https://me.app/terms-of-use and on the App (General Terms of Use).
    4. These Terms of Use (Terms of Use), together with the Company’s General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Terms (Privacy Policy), regulate Your use of ME Business and constitute a binding agreement between you (“You” or the “User”) and the Company, please read them carefully.
    5. Features of the Private Account You opened on the App will remain available to You when You open an ME Business account, and the General Terms of Use will apply to these features. Regarding features that are accessible only for the ME Business account, these Terms of Use shall apply, and in case of a contradiction between the provisions of these Terms of Use and the General Terms of Use, the provisions of these Terms of Use will prevail.
    6. The Company reserves the right to change and update the Terms of Use, the General Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy, at the Company’s sole discretion.
    7. Opening an ME Business Account and using the Platform constitutes Your agreement to the Terms of Use. By Your consent, you confirm that You have had the opportunity to read the Terms of Use, consult with relevant consultants to understand the Terms of Use and that you agree to all the terms specified therein.
    8. If you do not agree with any of the terms, stop using the Platform in any way. The Company will not bear any responsibility for any use or action made by the User that is not in accordance with the instructions specified below and/or contrary to any law.
      1. 1.8.1.Use means – any use, including registration or accessing the ME Business account, browsing the Platform, and/or any other use, whether the use is carried out on a cellular network, online, by satellite, or by any other means.
    9. If You are entering this agreement on behalf of a company, organization or other legal entity (Legal Entity), Your consent constitutes as that Legal Entity’s consent, and declare that You have the authority to enter into and commit to this agreement on behalf of the Legal Entity, and in this event, the terms User, You, Your, or any other related term will refer to the Lega Entity. If you do not have such authority or do not agree to the Terms of Use, You may not use the Platform.
  2. ME Business Account
    1. Subject to Your agreement to the Terms of Use and complying with the terms, You may use the Platform. However, You are obligated to pay for any services, even if You made unauthorized Use of the Services. The Platform is provided AS IS, without any possibility to intervene or make any changes.
    2. The right to Use the Platform is given to the User alone; ownership of an ME Business account (the “Account”) is non-transferable.
    3. Opening an Account does not require any fee, according to the Company’s decision from time to time and in accordance with the Payments and Charges chapter in the Terms of Use. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of the available subscription plans and/or the subscription fees the Company charges, and/or apply customized pricing to different users, at its sole discretion and without any prior notice. In the event of a decrease in the subscription fees, the User will not be entitled to any refund and/or discount and/or any other benefit or deduction and the User will not have any claim against the Company.
    4. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Use of the Platform or any part of it, at its sole discretion and in accordance with the Terms of Use, including access to information, contacts, publications and advertisements, data and ratings accumulated on the Platform, etc., and in such a case, the User will not have any claim against the Company.
    5. As part of opening an ME Business Account, you will be asked to provide information about you and the business, and/or information about you and the business will be provided by someone on your behalf, all as detailed in the Privacy Policy.
    6. It is User responsibility to ensure the device used to access the Platform, including any smartphone, tablet, computer, wearable technology etc. (the “Device”) meets all the technological requirements for accessing the Platform and using it, including but not limited to, type of operation system and its version, Internet connection and access to data, Device security, updates, etc. The Company is not responsible for the Platform supporting all types of Devices, browsers, operating systems and/or the technology used to operate the Device.
    7. For an optimal Use of ME Business Account and to utilize all the functions of the Platform, access permissions are required to the some of the information on the Device and its capabilities, such as location, outgoing and incoming calls, call logs, contacts, etc. Some of these permissions can be revoked and are not essential but denying them will defect the Platform’s functioning, and the available features provided on the Platform. However, there are essential access permissions to operate the Platform, which cannot be turned off or be limited.
    8. Registration for ME Business Account is valid for of operating system type on Your Device at registration. There may be available features in an Android operating system that will not be available in an IOS operating system or the opposite. The User is aware and undertakes that ME Business Account cannot be transferred from a Device running on one type of operating system to a Device running on another. Due to external reasons out of the Company’s control, options on the Platform may vary, based on the Device and operating system type.
    9. The User declares and undertakes:
      1. To provide complete and accurate information in registration and/or in any change in the information provided, including identifying details, photos and videos, promotions and benefits, business name, etc. The User is responsible for the reliability, availability, and correctness of the information. Use and delivery of incorrect information or information that the User does not have the right to disclose, will be the responsibility of the User and the Company does not verify the veracity of details entered by the User nor the User’s right to disclose them, including verifying business name or any information about it. The User waives any claim against the Company in this regard and undertakes to indemnify and compensate the Company and/or any agent on its behalf for all damages and/or expenses incurred by the Company and/or any third party in the event that the User and/or someone on his behalf provided incorrect and/or inaccurate and/or partial and/or false information and/or in the event the User has not informed the Company of any change.
      2. To inform the Company of any change in information (such as updating credit card details) and to report to the Company immediately any disclosure and/or unauthorized use and/or unauthorized intrusion and/or event that has resulted and/or may result in unauthorized use of the Platform, including theft and/or loss of the Device. An update and/or report to the Company as stated above will be done via email at the address [email protected].
      3. Not to provide information of any third party without their express consent to provision and/or use of the information and/or to registration and the Terms of Use.
      4. The User is the owner of the business for which an ME Business Account has been opened and\or that User is authorized to open an Account on behalf of this business. To the extent that the Platform is used on behalf of any third party or legal or other Entity and/or an Account is opened for a phone number that is not owned by the User, the User declares that User is an authorized representative of that Entity and/or has all the necessary approvals and references required in order to act on behalf of that Entity, and subject to the third party’s agreement to these Terms of Use. Any use of third-party details is the sole responsibility of the User, including photos, videos, and operations that the User uploads to the Platform.
      5. To maintain the confidentiality and security of login details to the ME Business Account, and to prevent misuse and/or granting permission to use them to another. Any Use made of your Account will be seen as if made by You personally. You undertake to bear any damage caused due to Use of your Account (even if not done by You). You release the Company from any damage caused in connection with said Use.
    10. 2.10.It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that before any change in the ownership of the Device and/or its Use including transferring to any third party, the ME Business Account will be deleted and/or access to the Account from the Device will be canceled.
    11. 2.11.The Company will not be responsible for any damage, harm or loss caused to the User due to hacking into the Account or due to any unauthorized activity.
    12. 2.12.The Company will be entitled to change, refuse, limit, edit, suspend and/or cancel access to the Platform, in whole or in part, for all Users or for a specific User, following a violation of the Terms of Use and/or following a report on a User and/or in the event that the reliability of the Account details is suspected and/or in any other case, with or without prior notice, all at the sole discretion of the Company. It is clarified that information contained in the Account may not be retained in the event that of suspension or restriction.

If Your Account has been suspended or restricted, You may contact us at [email protected].

    1. 2.13.The Platform allows the User to draft an automatic message that will be sent via external messaging channels (such as WhatsApp, SMS, etc.). The message’s wording, content or frequency are the sole responsibility of the User, the Company has no responsibility and does not monitor the messages sent. You must ensure that the messages You send meet the requirements of applicable law, are appropriate, does not violate the rights of any third party, does not constitute harassment towards the recipient of the messages, etc.
    2. 2.14.ME Business Account is exposed to and can be viewed in the App and throughout the internet; the Platform purpose is to facilitate businesses accessibility. As part of the Platform’s purpose, the Company may, from time to time, present ME Business Accounts on other platforms and/or websites and/or in any other app, including those owned/managed by the Company. The User will have no claim against the Company in this regard. However, the User may contact the Company at the address [email protected] to request removing the Account from such display.
    3. 2.15.The Platform allows the User to offer its customers various benefits, discounts, and promotions, as detailed on the Platform (the “Benefits”), which will be displayed in the User Account and/or when there is an incoming call from the User to a contact is detected. The nature of the Benefits, their design, their validity, their terms, and any other detail related to the Benefits, are the sole responsibility of the User. The Company does not supervise the Benefits offered by the User, it has no responsibility for such Benefits and the User will have no claim against the Company in that regard.
    4. 2.16.The Platform allows User to collect and manage potential customers contact details (“Leads”). The Company has no responsibility regarding the nature of the Leads collected, their reliability, quality, quantity, the content they contain, the relationship between User and the Lead, completion of a transaction with such Lead and/or any other detail regarding the nature of the Lead or the relationship between the User and the Lead.
    5. 2.17.ME Business Account, like a Private Account, includes advertisements displays to User on the Platform (“Advertisements“). The Company has no control over the content of Advertisements and is unable to change Advertisements’ content. User will have no claim against the Company regarding the Advertisements and/or their content or design. It is clarified that User’s Account will be used to display Advertisements of third parties and/or of the Company and/or on behalf of the Company, at its sole discretion. These Advertisements will be shown to Users, including Users viewing Your Account. It is clarified that Advertisements are random and are not customized to each Account. User will have no claim regarding of such Advertisements.
  1. Creating ME Business Account
    1. Creating ME Business Account is subject to the prior existence of Private Account on the App.
    2. After converting Private Account to ME Business Account, converting back the Account to Private Account will be possible only after a cooling off period of 90 days (“Cooling Off Period”). Cooling Off Period will also apply if User chooses to convert Private Account back to ME Business Account. It is clarified that such conversions are at the sole responsibility of the User and that upon ME Business Account conversion to Private Account, all information on ME Business Account may be deleted from the Platform and will no longer be available to User of Private Account. For inquiries about the Cooling Off Period, contact [email protected].
    3. The Company uses User’s phone number linked to the Platform to identify User in Company systems. Therefore, access to the mobile phone, Device and/or to phone number by an unauthorized party may allow that party to abuse the use of the Platform. It is User sole responsibility to protect the Device linked to the Platform against unauthorized Use.
    4. When creating ME Business Account, the User is required to feed information about the business, such as business name, its activity category, geographic service area and other information. The Company does not verify User identity and/or the correctness of the data provided to it and/or whether the User is the owner of the business or authorized on its behalf and will not hear any claim against the Company in this regard.
    5. In addition to mandatory information fields, there are also information fields that User may choose not to supply, and features User may not activate. In this case, User can skip these fields and may return to complete them later.
    6. The information entered by the User will be displayed in the profile and will be public and available for viewing by all Users.
    7. A Business Rating will be displayed on the Platform, which is determined by the business customers only, and at their discretion. The business rating option is always available to business customers, the business has no option to cancel and/or influence a customer’s rating decision, but whether to rate or not is up to the customer. The Company has no say or control over the displayed rating. Also, every time customers and/or any third party log in to the ME Business Account, the customer rating of the business will be displayed to all users. The Company will not have any responsibility for the manner of rating, the rating itself, its results and its meaning, and the User removes any responsibility in this regard from the Company and will not have any claim and/or demand in this regard. The User will indemnify and compensate the Company for any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuits and/or enforcement including defense expenses, administration of legal proceedings and/or attorney fees claimed and/or received by any third party.
    8. You can connect Your ME Business Account to a variety of social media accounts. You will be able to display photos and videos from social media accounts in Your ME Business Account. You declare that you are authorized to connect such social media account, that You are not infringing copyrights of third parties, and that any such content sharing complies to the law and Terms of Use. The Company will not be responsible for publications and/or any content that will be shared on the Platform from external social media accounts that User chooses to link to the Platform.
    9. Some of the Platform features can be activated, paused, or canceled at Your choice, at the Account privacy settings, for example:
      1. When creating ME Business Account, a business website will be automatically created, and display details that You entered in the Account, including phone number and email address (unless You chose not to display phone number and email address), this website will be public and open to all browsers, and may appear in web searches, etc.
      2. The Platform allows You to present contacts who have used the business’ services. If You choose to turn off this option, Users who have used the business’ services will not be displayed on Your Me Business Account.
      3. The Platform allows You to add “contact me” button in the ME Business Account, so that by clicking the button other users can contact You and leave contact details. You can turn off this feature and cancel the option to contact You directly.
    10. 3.10.At the end of creating ME Business Account process, the Company will send a verification email to the address You entered, if You do not confirm the message sent and/or Your email address is not verified, Your email address will not be shown to other Users. It is clarified that the User is responsible for verifying that User email address is verified and to contact the Company to resolve the problem if You did not receive confirmation of the verification and/or Your email address is not displayed.
  2. ME Business Pro
    1. Most feature on the Platform are offered free of charge. In addition, there are more features available to the User after upgrading ME Business Account to paid account, as specified on the Platform (ME Business Pro).
    2. On ME Business Pro Account there will be no advertisements, neither to You nor users viewing your ME Business Pro Account.
    3. For Your convenience, all features on the Platform are displayed in Your Account, whether they are available to Your subscription or not. Presentation of features does not indicate they are available to the User.
  3. Biling and Payments
    1. Price, method and form of payment will be determined by the Company and will be published on the Company’s Website and/or on the App.
    2. Payment will be made via payment services of Your operating system (such as iTunes/Google Play) and/or through another third party clearing and payment provider selected by the Company. Payment is subject to the privacy policy and terms of use of payment provider. Payment is not carried out by the Company and the Company do not collect User payment details.  If You wish to cancel ME Business Pro Account, contact support:
      1. Apple – https://support.apple.com/en-il/HT202039
      2. Google – https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481
    3. ME Business Pro subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period, unless canceled by the User at least 24 hours prior to the automatic renewal date, at account settings in the Appstore / Google play. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the existing subscription.
    4. The Company reserves the right to periodically update the rates and components of the Platform, at Company sole discretion. The Company will notify User of its intention to change or of a fee change, by a notification on the App. If You use IOS, Your consent to the new fee will be requested, and without Your consent, the Account will be deactivated.
    5. Cancellation of a credit card purchase transaction will be carried out in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Transaction Cancellation) 5771-1981 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5771-2010.
    6. You can contact Us at [email protected] regarding Account updates, cancellation etc.
    7. User access to the Account may be terminated if payment is not possible for reasons unrelated to the Company. User will have no claim against the Company regarding Account termination or blocking in the aforementioned circumstances.
    8. Purchases on the App are intended exclusively for those with legal capacity and those over the age of 16. Where a person without legal capacity or under the age of 16 wishes to make a purchase, the consent of a parent or a legal guardian is required. In any case, the Company reserves its right to charge for reasonable Use of the Platform, even if User was not permitted to do so.
    9. The Platform contains links or references to external websites or services (whether operated by the Company or not), to the Platform, and/or operated by third parties. Following such links is at User responsibility and the third party responsible for the service and subject this third party’s terms of use and privacy policy. It is also possible User may be required to make a separate payment/purchase/registration for such additional websites and/or services.
    10. The Company reserves the right to stop the Platform operation, to change, add or subtract from any existing service, to change the form and method of data collection, to charge a fee for features that were offered for free, and vice versa.
    11. The Company may offer discounts and/or promotions, to all or after meeting certain conditions. The Company may offer temporary or permanent benefits, either via the Platform or in cooperation with third parties, all at its sole discretion. The Company will not be responsible for any damages caused as a result of User’s use of a benefit granted. Terms of Use and/or the General Terms of Use and/or the agreement with the entity granting the benefit, will apply.
    12. For service in connection with the Platform, please contact Us via e-mail at [email protected]. The Company may change the service receiving method, or add approach platforms such as on social networks, or on any other platform that the Company chooses.
  4. Termination of Services
    1. It is hereby clarified that termination of the agreement does not detract from User’s obligations to pay for the Platform or from other User obligations that were created prior to termination of the contract.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, uninstalling the App does not constitute termination or deletion of the Account and does not result in stopping the transfer of payment fees.
    3. You can permanently delete or suspend your ME Business Account by opening the settings menu, clicking the “Profile” button, then clicking the “Suspend Account” or “Delete Account” button. Please note that if you choose to suspend your Account, your information will be retained by Us, and if You reconnect You will be able to restore it. However, if You choose to delete the Account, all information will be deleted from the Platform immediately and permanently. If You wish to use the Platform in the future, You will need to re-register.
    4. You can also request to delete your Account. The processing time for such requests is up to 72 hours. If You change your mind, You can contact Us by any means of communication appearing on the Website and the App within these 72 hours.
    5. Deleting an Account will be carried out in accordance with the General Terms of Use, these Terms of Use and the Company’s Privacy Policy. Among other things, the Company can and will continue to use any non-personal data that is not linked and/or identifies the User.
    6. If you do not uninstall the App from Your Device, it is possible that the App will continue to collect usage data – it is Your responsibility to make sure that the App is indeed uninstalled from Your Device.
  5. Restricted Use
    1. You may not:
      1. Use the Platform for any illegal, immoral, and/or unauthorized purpose or misuse and/or unreasonable use of it in relation to the purposes for which it was intended.
      2. Publish information from the Platform on the Internet or any other service, without the Company’s prior written consent, and subject to the Terms of Use.
      3. In any way, infringe copyrights, trademarks, or any other proprietary rights on the Platform.
      4. Use the Platform in any way that exceeds the usage options offered by the Company.
      5. Use that deviate from what offered by the Platform, will constitute a violation of the Terms of Use, including the presentation of content that was not provided by the Platform, using any software, device, accessory or communication protocol, change their design or removes any content, in particular advertisements and commercial content.
      6. Link to the Platform and/or embed videos from the Platform on any website, including a website and/or app that contains or hosts: pornographic content, content that encourages racism or illegal discrimination, unlawful content, or whose publication unlawful or encourages unlawful activity, or a video who’s very embedding will be a violation of copyright, including the moral right of a third party, including the creators of the video. The Company reserves the right not to allow the embedding of videos or to change link to the video without the notifying the User in advance and User will have any claim, suit, or demand against the Company for making such changes or malfunctions that will occur during their implementation. The Company may order the User to cancel no embedding at Company sole discretion and/or cancel the embedding immediately and User will have no claim, demand, or lawsuits against the Company in this regard. The Company will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of embedding videos from the Services. The User bears full and exclusive responsibility for any embedding made by User, including regulation of copyrights and payment to the relevant copyright associations/operators in accordance with any law, and undertakes to indemnify the Company for any damage it may incur as a result.
      7. Manipulate or attempt to perform manipulations on the Platform with the aim of increasing the exposure of the Account and/or the contacts linked to the Account, including but not limited to, by systematically searching for random phone numbers and/or phone numbers that are not associated with certain contacts of the User and/or systematically save random phone numbers as contacts and/or any similar or other exploitation of the Platform’s usage options. Know that a User who is suspected of having acted as mentioned will be blocked from using the Platform.
      8. Make any use of the Platform, other than in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use, the General Terms of Use or in accordance with the provisions of the law.
    2. It is clarified that the Company will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of any link to content from the Platform and any presentation or publication of said content in any other way. You bear the full and exclusive responsibility for any link, display or publication of the contents, made by you and undertake to indemnify the Company for any damage caused as a result.
    3. Furthermore, you undertake not to perform the following actions, in whole or in part:
      1. Impersonating any person or other Legal Entity using the Platform.
      2. Loading, sending or transmitting any material containing any type of virus or any other code, designed to destroy, interfere, or limit the use (including any use other than fair and reasonable use) of any of the computers, servers, hardware and software used by the Company for the purpose of operating the Platform.
      3. Make use of contents that contain the transmission of “junk mail”, spam or mass direct delivery of email messages or SMS messages not at the request of the recipients.
      4. Access or attempt to access any part of the Platform that requires a password without receiving a password from the Company.
      5. Although great effort has been made to gather and process content on the Platform, it is possible that in the process of receiving, processing, and publishing it, errors occur. If you use this content, You must check and verify it. The content on the Platform does not constitute a recommendation and/or opinion and in any case does not constitute a substitute for professional, legal, and/or any other advice. Therefore, any decision regarding the use of the content and action following the use of said contents will be made at the User’s sole responsibility.
  6. Limitation of Liability and Absence of Representations
    1. The Services are provided As Is and As Available, and the Company does not undertake and/or will not be responsible towards the User with regard to the quality of the Services on the Platform and/or the information on the Platform and/or its availability and/or the information and/or security of the Platform, unless explicitly stated otherwise and/or as required by law. Use of the Platform will be done at the User’s full and exclusive responsibility. The Company emphasizes to the User that operation of the Platform depends on many factors that are out of the Company control. The Company will do its best efforts to operate the Platform properly. At the same time, and inter alia, since operation of the Platform is conditioned on technological means, various suppliers and third parties, including the cellular operators, internet providers, clearing providers, device permissions, browsing data, operating systems etc., the Company will not bear any responsibility for interruptions, malfunctions, errors, omissions, disruptions, response times, failures, viruses or any other factor that may interfere with or damage the Platform and/or cause any damage to the computer system and/or the Device and/or to the infrastructure of any User, including loss of information (information including, but not limited to: leads, promotions and discounts uploaded by the User, etc.), or any other damage that caused by downloading information and/or content through the Platform.
    2. The User and/or anyone on User behalf will have no claim, demand or lawsuits against the Company for malfunctions in displaying advertisements on behalf of the User, and/or malfunctions in establishing contact with potential customers who have provided contact information to the User, and/or any loss of information related to potential customers and/or or any claim regarding the results of the publication on behalf of the User.
    3. The User and/or anyone on his behalf shall not have any claim, demand, or lawsuits against the Company for any malfunction or disruption as mentioned, including for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of such disruptions or malfunctions.
    4. The Company will not bear any responsibility and/or liability for any disruption, error or omission in the material found on the Platform and/or its contents and will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to access to the Platform and its use or due to any prevention of access or use thereof.
    5. The Company will have no contractual and/or tort liability for any damage, loss, expense or defect caused to the User and/or someone on his behalf in connection with the Platform, including due to the Company’s inability, except if this resulted from the Company’s negligence and/or the commission of a tort and/or violation of the Terms of Use.
    6. Notwithstanding the provisions of any law or agreement, in no case shall the Company and/or its managers and/or employees and/or anyone on its behalf be liable for any damages (including direct, indirect or consequential, special or punitive damages, including damages resulting from loss of profits, loss of data, loss of documents, file recovery, interruption of business, damage to reputation, etc.) in connection with and/or as a result of using the Platform and/or any of the content therein and/or inability to use the Platform and/or any of the materials or information therein, and/or the results of using the Platform (including, but without detracting from the generality of the foregoing, any reliance on materials found therein) and/or due to infringement of property rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks and trade names, trade secrets, patents and designs, whether they are protected or not and/or due to infringement of privacy and/or as a result of exposure to damage to a computer/mobile device during or as a result of using the Platform, and/or as a result of the cessation of the activity of the Platform (including any of the services offered on it) and/or interruptions in its activity, and all even if the Company has already received information about the possibility of these damages occurring, regardless of the cause of the claim or the cause of the damage, whether contractual, tortious or otherwise. The only remedy granted to the User in any case despite the provisions of any law, is to stop using the Platform. If a certain law prohibits the aforementioned limitation of liability, the particular limitation of liability shall be considered null and void and this shall not affect the other limitations of liability.
    7. Insofar as liability is imposed on the Company, it will not exceed the amount paid to it by the User or in connection with his use of the Services in the 12 months preceding the event for which the damage is claimed.
    8. The User undertakes to indemnify the Company, its employees, managers, or anyone on its behalf for any damage and/or loss and/or expense incurred by them, including attorney fees and court costs, due to a violation of these terms of use.
  7. Privacy and Personal Information
    1. Your privacy is important to Us, the Company respects Your privacy and undertakes to make its best effort to protect it. The Company invests many efforts in the field of information security and maintaining User privacy while using advanced technological means to prevent unauthorized access to the User Account.
    2. Your Personal Information and/or that of someone on your behalf provided to the Company, during the registration phase and/or when using the Platform and/or in relation to the User’s engagement with the Company, will be stored in the Company’s database and the Company will be able to use this information for the purpose of providing the Services (hereinafter respectively: Personal Information  and The Database).
    3. When providing Personal Information to the Company, you must ensure to provide correct and complete details. Please note that you do not have to provide the Personal Information as stated but know that without providing the Personal Information, the Company may not be able to provide You with the requested services, including means of contacting You. To the extent that Personal Information that You provided to the Company and/or registered on the Platform changes, You are obligated to notify the Company as soon as possible, and such changes will only bind the Company if actually been received by the Company.
    4. As part of the provision of services and in connection with them, the Company may send operational messages such as identity verification messages to the mailboxes and/or mobile number of the User, and these messages are an integral part of the provision of the service.
    5. The User acknowledges and agrees to the Company’s use of “push messages” technology on the Account holder’s mobile Device. The User has the option, through the App settings, to cancel the use of push notifications.
    6. It is hereby clarified that the Company has access to and may use all information available in the ME Business Account, for the purpose of operating the Platform.
    7. You hereby agree and declare that the Personal Information You provide to the Company is given of Your free will, for You to Use the Platform idly.
    8. Any use of Personal Information about You is subject to Our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use and published on the App.
  8. Cookies
    1. 10.1.When using the Platform, the Company or third parties may use cookies, for ongoing and proper operation of the Platform, including to collect statistical data about Your use, to verify details, and for information security purposes. Cookies are text files, which the Platform or Website creates according to a command from the Device settings. Some of the cookies will expire when You close the Platform, others are saved on your Device. Cookies contain a variety of information, such as pages You visited, time You spent on the Platform, where You were directed form, and more. They are also used to eliminate the need to enter Your details each time You revisit the Platform. Cookie information is encrypted, and the Company takes precautions to ensure that the Company’s computers can read and understand the information stored in them.
    2. 10.2.Most browsers and Devices allow Users to delete cookies and/or information collected from similar technologies from User’s Device, to block the receipt of cookies and/or information collected from similar technologies, or to receive notifications before cookies and information collected from similar technologies are stored. However, if User restricts and/or deletes cookies and/or information collected from similar technologies and/or does not allow their collection and storage, and/or makes use of technologies that block cookies, User’s online experience may be limited and some of the features on  the Platform may not be usable. Moreover, there are essential cookies for operation of the Platform, which User cannot restrict.
    3. 10.3.Moreover, the Platform uses various tracking technologies aim to provide the Platform, analyzing, enforcing the Terms of Use, collecting usage data for the purpose of research and development, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes such as, but not limited to: AdMob, Google Analytics, Firebase Services, AWS, and APPLOVIN. It is clarified that the collection of information by these service providers and any use thereof is covered under their terms of use and privacy policy. For Your convenience, by clicking on the name of the service provider you will reach the terms of use of this technology provider.
  9. Upgrades, Changes and System Updates
    1. The Company may upgrade and/or update and/or make changes to the Platform, and/or electronically and automatically upgrade the version of the Platform You Use from time to time. You give Your consent to such automatic upgrades and/or changes and agree that these Terms or an updated version of it will apply to any upgraded and/or updated version. You can contact the Company at any time at [email protected], or on the Website, and technical support will be provided subject to the sole discretion of the Company. The Company may change, update, suspend and/or terminate the Company’s services at any time, at Company sole discretion. If You object to the changes made, You are required to cease any Use of the Platform. Continued Use of the Platform after the changes are made will constitutes as User consent to the changes.
    2. The Company may make changes to the Terms of Use at any time, at its sole discretion. Changes to the Terms of Use that are subject to the provisions of the law will enter into force in accordance with the provisions of the law and without giving prior notice. Continued use of the Platform after the changes have been made to the aforementioned Terms of Use will indicate agreement and acceptance of the new Terms of Use by the User. If you do not agree to any of the new Terms of Use, you must refrain from continuing to use the Platform.
  10. Indemnification, Compensation and Dispute Resolution
    1. User undertake to indemnify and compensate the Company or anyone on its behalf, including its managers, employees, representatives, shareholders, and all those acting on its behalf and any other party related to the provision of the Company’s services, immediately upon the Company first demand, for any damage, expense or loss, direct or indirect, including legal expenses and attorney’s fee, caused  in connection with violation of any condition of the Terms of Use, or the performance of any other illegal action in connection with Use of the Platform.
    2. The Terms of Use shall be governed by, construed, and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, without regard to its conflict of law principles.
    3. Any litigation and/or dispute arising from the Terms of User shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tel Aviv, Israel, to which the User hereby irrevocably submit.
    4. If any provision of the Terms of Use is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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