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March 24, 2021
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SMS Blocking and Filtering | No more SPAM Messages (iPhone Guide)

Let’s admit, we’re all getting many annoying Spam messages SMS, no one really cares for them or reads them.

How frustrating it to get hear the iPhone ringing because of a message, run to the phone with expecting to get a lovely SMS from a friend, but again – it’s just Spam.

Me App, gives you a unique feature that lets you filter the SMS you are getting by content and by the sender (name or phone).
And also let’s you the option for us to handle all of the process.

How to do it?
First all install the last update click here

First go to iPhone Settings ->Messages ->Unknown & Spam> Turn on filter Unknown Sender -> Select “Me”


Now open MeApp and tap on the logo -> Setting > tap on SPAM > SMS Protection
tap + on filter by keyword or by sender name
Make sure SMS Spam Local filtering is ON if you wish for us to filter more keywords via our server make sure Remote filtering is ON as well.


SMS Blocking


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 SMS Blocking

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Our SMS Filtering Local & Remote is FREE of charge for all iOS users


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