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February 10, 2021
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February 13, 2021
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Me Shortcuts – (Android)

me Shurtcut call log

Although all of the ME features are significant, we all have our favorite ones,  some like to view their Call Log’s ten times a day, and some can’t resist seeing who checked their profile, and hey, we don’t judge;) But we thought maybe we need to create a shortcut for you, to shorten the process and save you some of your valuable time.

How…. Let’s get to it!

A long Tap on the Meapp icon will open a shortcut menu ready for you to choose from and apply.

Want to create a shortcut? It’s an easy one!
A long Tap on the ME logo will open the shortcut menu—> dragging the chosen shortcut to your Home screen

You can create shortcuts to the following screens:

Identified Calls: 
Quick opening of ID calls, so your curiosity will soon answer.
Call Log: 
Quick opening of the call log history screen., so you will quickly call back to the ones that are waiting in anticipation of your call back:)
Quick opening of the favorites screen, because why linger, right? Favorites should be within reach!
Quick opening dialer of ME- for that “special occasion,” when you need to 
dial a new number:).
Quick access to your Upgraded contacts-with a selection of filters, you can always stay on top of your contacts (for example, view who’s your latest new contacts and more).

All shortcuts will open the app’s relevant page, but you can navigate through the shortcut to other places in the app.

Important Note: it applies only for supported Android devices Only!

We hope we helped 🙂 More content will be upload soon. We will be happy for your feedback, comments, and questions.