Required permissions in the Meapp – (iPhone)
February 10, 2021
me Shurtcut call log
Me Shortcuts – (Android)
February 13, 2021
Required permissions in the Meapp – (iPhone)
February 10, 2021
me Shurtcut call log
Me Shortcuts – (Android)
February 13, 2021
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Required permissions in ME app (Android)

We on ME app work every day to bring you new and innovative features to improve your ME experience on your daily use.

Following new features and operating system requirements, new permissions are needed.

In this article, we will list all the necessary permissions we need from you for the new features. which ones are mandatory and why, and which ones are not mandatory, and yet, why are they needed. 

For ME to be able to present to you how your friends have called you in their contacts list, the operating system requires access to your contacts list, also this permission is required to backup your contacts.

To enable real-time caller ID, phone permission is required.

Call log:
For a caller ID to receive the incoming call phone number, the operating system requires your permission. Without it, it won’t detect the incoming call and it will not work!

In conclusion:
For your call log to always show identified numbers even if they’re not in your contacts we need for the App to detect the incoming call

And now for the Non-Mandatory permissions at your discretion:

Default dialer:
Google requires caller ID to add a default dialer option
it does not have to be used for caller ID to work!

To select a profile picture, we must have access to your pictures.

If you want to use the search numbrs from camera and detection caller id from camera with the help of photocopying phone numbers, the operation system needs your permission to access the camera so we can use it.

In the new version, there is a new feature in profile and call recognition – that presents you the location distance between you and your friends. To use this feature, it is necessary to permit an access to your location settings.

Important clarification!
Only contacts you authorized will be able to see the location distance between you and them!! This datum will appear in the caller ID and profile and will stay private only between you and the contacts you approved.

We will soon upload more content, please feel free to write us questions and comments. We are always happy to hear from you 🙂

FYI, We are fully GDPR compliant and you have the right to be forgotten, if you wish to remove all your data from our servers, you can simply delete your profile, Tap on Me logo (enter app settings) scroll down to Profile section -> Delete Profile -> Approve and all your data will be no longer exists in our services.