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Last updated at: 21.10.2020

This privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") is an integral part of the terms of use and both documents should be read together.

The Operator respects the privacy of its users. In order to improve the protection of the Users, the Operator publishes this Privacy Policy regarding how the Operator collects Your information from Your use of the Website and the mobile App.

The processing and collection of personal data is governed by the Israeli law and by the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), and whenever you’ll provide the Operator such information, the Operator will only use your information in line with all applicable data protection laws, including the GDPR. At all times You are in control of Your information, and You can withdraw Your consent to provide Your information to the Operator.

The data controller of the Website and mobile App is N.F.O software development and real estate Ltd, Israeli Company No. 515017382 (the “Operator") which is the entity which decides how Your personal information is processed and for what purposes as detailed in the Privacy Policy.

  1. General
    1. During Your use of the Website and mobile App, the following information about You will be collected:

Information delivered directly by You – your name, email details, telephone number, type of mobile phone, phone book and contacts. When did You join the service, when was the last time you’ve connected to ME, your activation code, authentication details, your contact list, your call log, device os, device type, your location, advertiser id and your favorite contacts. 

Me allows you to report on spam numbers, that is why Me keeps the phone numbers you’ve reported. We also keep the information which of the users reported on spam, and who voted up a spam number. 

Me also keeps the information of who of the other users profiles you have been watching, and who watches your profile, you can see who watches and when only in our premium services.
You can disable this in the app settings, for you information if you will change that others can view when you watch their profile, we still log and keep when you watch others but we don’t show it to them, if you will re enable this option in the settings they will be able to see it. 

If you allow Me to use and access location services, we will update your location from time to time on background, this is not a must and you can disable this permission, inside the app and from your phone settings.
We use location in order to enable close friends to share the distance between them,
You can send “Share Location Request” to a contact, and ONLY if he/she will approve you will be able to view the distance between both of you.
In order for this feature to function we must update your location in the background from time to time.


We allow users to write comments on other users' profiles, the comments will be shown to the public only if the user will approve the comment.
A User can decide whether to delete, approve or block the comment.
Users can disable comments writing on their profile from the app privacy settings.

You can change your status in your profile from time to time, this will be public in your profile and in our caller id.


Your name, you can choose your name when you register the app, you can send us a request to change it, we will consider name changes and not all will be approved. We also have the right to change names as we see fit without your consent. the name will be publicly visible in our caller id and in your ME profile.
You can choose to be on the blacklist and your name will not show, if you choose to do that you will not be able to use the app, if you reactivate the app your name will automatically be available and visible.

Me Web - Our web platform is to give you the ability to search phone numbers and access to your Me profile on the web via a computer: Me web is available only to Me Pro users.
The data that is stored is your searches via the web platform, your web token, and other analytics data. such as browser, ip, language via google analytics.
** Attention, giving other people your Me Web Access is a high risk for all of your ME data! NEVER give anyone your Me Web Access, this is your responsibility.

Once you register to ME, you give us access to your phone contacts for:

You also give us access to your call log for:


Please note that you can register to ME via Facebook or any other social media Website and mobile App. In such case, we save your profile picture, your age, gender in order to able the exposure to the other users of ME. In addition, other Me users can see your mutual contacts, your name, pictures (if there are any). Other user will be able to see how he is written in your contact info. You can block this option and the option to recognized by others by contact us here:

If you do choose to block your number from our identifying services you will not be able to use our services, if you do choose to register again to the service the block will automatically be removed.

 You are not obligated to deliver these details above; however, without delivering the details required for registration at the Website and mobile App, the activity of the user will be limited. 

Here is the information you and other users of ME can see about each other:

Your name, your phone number, once you logged in with Facebook or any other social media, or you filled in profile edit details, other users can also view your: age, gender, profiles pictures, profiles in social media, email, mutual contacts, who viewed your profile, who from your contacts have installed the app. 

You can cancel the option to view mutual contacts, and the option who viewed your profile (and via versa) by clicking the setting button. 

You can cancel the shared distance from the settings. 

You can cancel Who viewed your profile, but we will keep logs of who you visited and who visited you, if you re-enable it will be shown.




    1. The collection of information on the basis of the use of the made by You– surfing preferences of You, information on subjects which interest You, analysis, web pages You have visited, internet address data, type of operating system. 

  1. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Information
    1. Under the GDPR and subject to different exemptions, you have the following rights:

    1. No fees are required for exercising any of the above rights. However, and subject to the GDPR, the Operator may charge You a reasonable fee including administration fees if Your request is repetitive or excessive or demands the Operator to bear excessive and/or expensive efforts.

To exercise your rights, please contact the Operator’s Data Protection Officer at the following contact details:


  1. Database and Use of Information
    1. All collected information as stated above is stored in the Operator’s database. With accordance to Your consent, the Operator warrants to use such information for the following purposes:

We use the information delivered directly by you in order to

Improve and enrich existing services and content;

Modify and/or remove existing services and content;

Create statistical data.

Other purposes as described in section 7 below.  

    1. Your information is collected and used because the Operator has a legitimate business interest for Your personal data to be used for the above purposes. This enables the Operator to send You relevant and personalized content designed to improve Your use of the Website and mobile App. You have the right to object to this by contacting the Operator via email: Please note that if you object, this may affect the Operator’s ability to send personalized content to You.
    2. Please note that some of the information You will be requested to provide is necessary for providing You the Services. Therefore, your refusal to provide some information may result in You not receiving the Services since the Operator will not be practically able to provide you the Services.
    3. The Operator may receive Your information from third parties which the Operator cooperates with (e.g. business partners, professional advisors, service providers, etc.) and the Operator may receive Your information from them.
  1. Transferring Information to Third Parties

Subject to Your consent, the Operator may transfer and/or share Your information in the following events and circumstances and, when applicable, will give you reasonable notice upon doing so:

  1. Third-Parties


    1. There are a number of places on the Website and mobile App where You may click on a link to access other Website and mobile Apps that do not operate under this Privacy Policy and are not related to the Operator including, but not only, links leading to Third Party Website and mobile Apps. These links may independently solicit and collect information, including personal information, from You and, in some instances, provide the Operator with information about Your activities on those links.
    2. Every third party such as detailed above may have its own privacy policy describing its use of personal information, and such policy will regulate the use, handling and disclosure of such personal information of the User. Should You require additional information regarding any privacy policy of third parties, The Operator recommends that You visit these third-party Website and mobile Apps and read their privacy policies. It is clarified that such third parties, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, are neither controlled nor owned by the Operator
    3. Your information will be handled and used by the Operator’s trusted third parties including the following recipients in order to deliver services provided by the Operator:
  1. Retaining Your Information
    1. The Operator will only retain Your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes it was collected for including, but not only, for the purposes of complying with legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. The retention period is determined based on the amount, nature, and sensitivity of Your personal information, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of Your information, the purposes for which the Operator processes Your information and whether such purposes can be achieved through other means with accordance to any applicable law.
    2. Your details for marketing communications will be retained for a period of 5 years from the date of your last interaction with the marketing communication (i.e. opening an email or clicking on a link within the email) at which point all of your personal details will be removed from the Operator’s systems unless You will address the Operator and request that You no longer wish to receive marketing messages from the Operator.
  2. Use of Cookies
    1. Upon Your consent, the Operator uses various technologies to collect information from Your device and about Your activities while using the Website and mobile App in order to improve and personalize Your online experience of the Website and mobile App including by means of storing cookies to Your device. Please note that some of the cookies the Operator uses are necessary for using the Website and mobile App and some cookies are used to provide features of third parties.
    2. The Operator uses the following cookies:
    1. Please note that if You choose to disable some or all of the above cookies, the Operator cannot guarantee the proper performance and use of the Website and mobile App and some features may not function properly.
    2. During your use of the Website and mobile App, third-party Website and mobile Apps may store cookies to Your device, e.g. when some content of the Website and mobile App is embedded from the Third-Party Website and mobile Apps. Please note that the Operator has no control over these cookies and You should check such third party’s cookie policy.
  1. Data Security
    1. The Operator takes appropriate security measures for data security purposes to help prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to Your personal information. However, no system can be completely secure. Therefore, the Operator does not warrant that its services will be totally immune to any breaches of security and/or unauthorized access, including access to the data stored in the Website and mobile App, although the Operator will contact You upon a breach of Your data security with accordance to any applicable law.
    2. The Operator inspects, from time to time, the data security of the Website and mobile App and performs modifications and upgrades accordingly in order to keep the Website and mobile App’s security. Nonetheless, the Operator will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to You due to exposure of Your information by an unauthorized access to the Operator’s database and/or due to any negligence or act not controlled by the Operator.


  1. Email Updates
    1. The Operator may offer to all its users to receive email messages and/or newsletters about updates, improvements and other user notifications regarding the Operator’s activity, including via emails and SMS (the “Mailings”).
    2. It is clarified that at any stage You will have the ability to opt out of receiving the Mailings by contacting the Operator and/or by clicking on a link available on the Mailings sent to You by the Operator.


  1. Changes to This Privacy Policy

The Operator may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. The Operator will notify You by sending an email to the email address You most recently provided the Operator and/or by prominently posting notice of the changes and will state at the heading of the Privacy Policy the date of change.