me pro
February 13, 2021
Call Summary
February 13, 2021
me pro
February 13, 2021
Call Summary
February 13, 2021

We are all about order and organization! just like a good virtual polish mother, we want your list of contacts will be organized, so you won’t lose anyone.

In the new version, it was important for us that you could easily and efficiently look for the numbers that ME identified, and that it would be stored in one place.

So, let’s start from the beginning:

 Where are all the phone numbers you were looking for are stored?

On the Phone Identified Calls page —> in the top menu—> the eye icon.

This page shows all the phones you searched for in the app and presents in the tags where was the search done.

If you were looking for a number or received a call from an unknown number- all data will be saved on this page.

Also, you can also search within the page:

Drag the page down and a search will open, or select from the tags and see all real-time results on the screen.

*Important note*

The incoming and outgoing calls that ME has detected will too be added to this page within the “Calls” tag.

Different ways to search for a phone number on ME App:

1. Advanced Search – Tap on the search icon in the top men–>The advanced search will open.

This search will search within the application for relevant content (text or phone numbers), and if it does not exist within the ME App it will present the relevant result from Me. The advanced search allows you to get results in the entire application on one screen!

  • Search on “Who named me how”.
  • Search at your contacts.
  • Search at your call log.
  • Search at ME’S phone numbers, caller ID, database
    And more.

As mentioned, any phone number you searched for will be saved on the caller ID page under the “Search” tag.

In advanced search, you can also search for a phone number with the help of the camera. How? simple!

Tap on the camera icon—>

Take a picture of the phone number or phones you would like to identify—-> Tap on “Use picture“> If there is one phone number in the picture, the identification will open automatically, if there are several phones, you will have to choose which one you want to see. (You can select one phone at a time, the phone list will be saved).

2. Dial -Search.
Tap on the dialer icon—>The dialer will open.

Any number you will dial that does not exist in your contact list will be automatically detected from the ME database.

Tapping on the image will lead straight to the profile with all the details.

The number will be added to the caller ID page under the “dialer” tag. Also, in the call log, the call will be identified with a tag detected by Me.

3 Identified Calls-Search.

Dragging the page below will open a search. A number search will return a result from ME database unless the number already exists on the caller ID page, then that result will appear.

Search will be saved on this page under the “Identified Calls” tag.

4. Copy the number and open the application.
Another way to search for a number is to copy a number from anywhere on the phone and open the app.
The app will automatically open with the message “would you want to search for this phone number?”

If you Tap on Search, a profile with an ID for the phone number you searched for will appear.

5. Widgets-What can you do with ME’s Widget?
You can search for phone numbers, view/dial from favorites, or view and call recent calls. Also, you can scan phone numbers from business cards, forms, and other documents.

How do you add ME’s widget? 

Add on iPhone:
Open the home screen —> Drag to the bottom of the screen and tap on edit —> Choose to add the ME widget to the daily screen.

Add on Android:

Long press on one of the blank screens on your phone—> Select widget components —> Look for Me —> Drag the ME widget to the home screen.

You can also create a fast shortcut to a caller ID, or to any other ME feature to be presented on your home screen for easy and quick access. (Android devices).

6. Search for a number through iPhones.
Open the iPhone call log—> Tap on the number you want to search —>Tap Share contact-–> A menu will open with additional options–> Choose phone number identification
(as it shows in the picture below) —> a profile with an ID for the phone number you searched for will appear.