Contacts birthday notification
Contacts birthday notification
May 31, 2021
Who Calls Me
Who Calls Me Best Caller ID App
June 16, 2021

If You need to stay updated and keep two steps ahead so you won’t miss anything important.
We at ME App are here to do just so and give you real-time notifications for various topics:
Receive Notifications if someone has saved you in your contacts, or changed your name in your contacts, missed calls, birthdays, and its not all..
Who Viewed your Profile (Who searched your number) –


  • Who viewed your profile. See who’s checking you out
  • New comments on your profile.
  • Missed calls.
  • System updates
  • Contacts’ birthdays (so you won’t miss congratulating anyone).
  • Location updates– maybe your best friend is just around the corner.
  • Who added you to his/her contact list or updated your information.
  • Get caller id names  notifications

But with ME App, nothing is mandatory.
We offer, you choose!
If you are not interested in getting notifications or just not on all of the topics above,
it’s no problem because you can easily filter it and choose the ones you want.

Tap on Settings-–> Tap on Notification-–>Choose the topics –> ON-OFF

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