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February 13, 2021
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February 13, 2021

We live in a world of social networking. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend can be just the person you needed! Well, ME App is here to make your life easier. 

ME is the only App that allows you to see mutual friends through your contact list.

The App knows how to identify mutual contacts and present you with a list of your mutual friends between you and them.

Wait! is that mean you will be exposed to how a fellow ME member saved a mutual contact on their phone? the answer is NO! you will only be able to see your mutual friend as to how YOU saved him on your contact list.

We’ve upgraded the shared contacts for each ME profile. From the moment you will first open a profile on ME, you will be able to see the list, and if there are many results, all you need is one small Tap on “View” for the Full List.

A brief clarification:

Let’s say someone saved your contact info with a specific name of his choice and you Tap on their profile but it seems you don’t know who this person is, Or on another situation, you get a call from one of your contact’s but you can’t recall who this is. No worries, you don’t need to awkwardly pretend to know him hoping you will suddenly remember, as we all do sometimes right? 🙂

Just Tap on shared friends, And the App will show you in real-time which contacts are mutual between you and him, so you could effortlessly figure through your shared contact list of friends who is the person behind the name!

*The Mutual friends’ feature Is the most-watched feature after the “Who Called Me” one*

It’s important to emphasize that you can turn off this function on the app settings at any given moment!! 

If you turn off this feature, you won’t be able to view shared contacts, and others won’t be able to view yours.

We believe mutuality is the name of the game! Any privacy settings you turn off or turn on will work for both ways. For example, if you turn off the feature showing mutual friends, others won’t be able to see yours just like you won’t be able to see theirs.

How to manage the feature settings:

Log on to ME > Settings > Privacy (verify that shared contacts are active)

Please note:

  • This feature will only work when both sides use the ME app.
  •  The list of mutual friends will only present people who you saved on your contact list!