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iPhone caller id | (SMS filtering) and spam protection FREE

SMS and spam detection

Can you imagine your life without SPAM calls? or sms?

All those irrelevant calls and messages, arriving ALWAYS at the worse times, wants to sell you something you don’t need or blab about something you don’t want?!

Well, please get acquainted with the best Call Identification Mechanism for iPhone-One of a kind!

We at ME know your time is valuable so we significantly improved the call identification mechanism for iPhone, so you won’t have to waste time on those redundant interruptions.

Congratulations! because since of today you will not have to add random people to your contacts. Yes, that’s right! annoying sales messages or strange calls from “Bob the Builder” will not enjoy the privilege of joining your contacts, but you will still be able to identify and locate them by a single touch. 

Before we begin:

Please make sure you are using the most up to date version in the Apple store.

How to make sure you are protected from spam and active Caller-ID:
To start, you have to grant permission to the alert system; this is required for caller ID since an alert identifies some calls during a call.

Then, for ME to protect you from spam messages and calls, you need to make slight changes to the settings so the app will work correctly on your iPhone and identify numbers.

First Step:
Settings on iPhone -> phone -> Blocking and identifying calls -> Turn on ME app.
Please note:
This definition is mandatory for you to receive real-time Caller-ID and Spam detection.

Second Step SMS protection

If you want protection from spam and phishing messages this option is mandatory.
go to iPhone Settings ->Messages ->Unknown & Spam> Turn on filter Unknown Sender

SMS protection iphone

Third Step: to report Spam on a number from your iPhone call log, you just slide on a call record and
then Tap on Report.

report Spam number iPhone


NOW, let’s see if it works!

For the inspection test, enter the test number +12345678901 on the iPhone dialer,
(do not dial this number)

if the word Me Test Caller id appears on your ME screen everything is activated and ready for business!

  1. Call Identification and Spam – What do you get?
    – Spam detection – Spam detection will appear on every incoming call identified as spam
    – Identify calls from a previous search –

Did you look for a number through the app? From now on, ME will automatically detect the full name of that caller and will display it on the dialer of your iPhone on incoming and outgoing calls.

Guess what? now you can screen calls from your car too!

Although they say timing is everything, ME doesn’t like to leave things to chance, so we’ve decided to cover all angles. With Full ME support for APPLE CARPLAY Caller id, your calls will be identified in the car with the name of the caller in real-time too! 

Your vehicle’s display will receive the caller’s identification, but also in the call log of the vehicle’s iPhone it will appear the ME phone number and name.
For reference, you can see in the picture below how it will appear.

  1. How do you know which calls will be detected through the app? easily!
    All the calls you searched for anywhere in the app will be on the “Identified Calls” screen. 

Just tap on the “Eye” shape icon in the top menu and you will discover all the numbers you searched and will be identified automatically.

As mentioned before, the calls and numbers on this screen will be detected automatically by your iPhone when a call is made or received from those numbers.

*You can read more about the new ME search in “Advanced Phone Search“.

  1. when will you get a detection alert?
iPhone caller id

Any call you receive from ME Android users who are not in your contacts will be identified and you will receive an alert with a possible caller ID. As stated, for this identification to work, alerts should be change to push notifications.

  1. What do you do if you get an “Error” announcement that the Me extension cannot be activated?

Simple, if the ID has stopped working, it can easily be corrected by updating spam records.

Just tap the ME logo to open Settings-> Tap “Spam“> Tap on “update spam records“.
For your reference: The process takes about a minute, please wait until all the steps are completed.