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June 30, 2021
August 17, 2021

Dual SIM- Now Supported by ME App

Many people prefer to separate their work lives from their private lives. Some even carry two mobile devices, one for work matters and one for personal ones.

With that being said, the world has advanced, and technology in particular. Nowadays, some smartphones support two different SIM cards simultaneously, with one SIM card being the primary and the other SIM card is the secondary.
Two SIM cards mean the option to use one of the two SIM cards to make or receive a call, and also, when receiving a call, to recognize to which number the call is indicated, SIM 1 or SIM 2.
If you use a device with dual SIM support and two SIM cards with different numbers, the ME app can benefit you substantially.

ME App allows the system to ask you in each call which SIM card you want to use,
or alternatively, to select which SIM card you want to use by default.

ME App ensures complete adaptability in the App for users who operate a dual SIM device.

This means that you can dial a number through the App dialer and choose from which SIM you want to make the call.
Dual Sim Dialer 

In addition, when making a call or receiving one, our automatic call identification
will always show you from which SIM you dialed and to which SIM you received a call.
It will also be possible to view in the Call log of the App, Call Summary Screen, and in other places in the App.

Are you interested in our Dual SIM support?

The App will automatically detect you using two SIMs on your device and open a new setting with the adjusted support.
Go to settings in the ME app —> Dual SIM —-> Select an option.

Please note:
* If you do not use a dual SIM smartphone, it will not present to you with the option to choose between two SIM cards.
* This Feature וs free for all our users

While smartphones continue to evolve and upgrade, we at the ME app constantly follow the new technological developments to adapt the App to your smartphone.
We strive for our users to get the best user experience and enjoy the latest and most innovative features.
If you have any suggestions, requests, or comments, we’d love for you to share them with us—your satisfaction with our services is the fuel that drives us.

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