Real Time Caller ID for iPhone (Siri “Who’s Calling Me?”) or (Double Tap).
May 7, 2023
Real Time Caller ID for iPhone (Siri “Who’s Calling Me?”) or (Double Tap).
May 7, 2023
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Dialer Caller ID Innovating Your Phone Experience

Dialer Caller ID Innovating Your Phone Experience, Me new Dialer Caller ID is revolutionizing how users manage their calls.
We’re thrilled to announce significant update Me Dialer
introducing a wide range of innovations that enhance the dialer experience.

Dialer Caller ID – Enhanced Call Experience!

The new dialer features a revamped interface and customizable options, designed to make your communication smoother and more efficient.
Me Dialer enhances the everyday phone experience with a suite of benefits and functionalities.
This article delves into its core features

Update available for these OS:

  • Android: Me Version 7.4.9 and above
  • iPhone: Currently in development.

Price: Free

Don’t have Me yet? download now

Features of the Updated Me Dialer

  • New Design: Aesthetic and functional, the new design enhances the user experience.
  • Customizable Default Display: Choose your default view for easier access to important information.
  • The feature allows for effortless identification dialing of numbers


Swipe Up and down for More Calling Options

Including phone calls via third-party apps for your contacts.

Dialer Settings

3 dots > will open the option to access the dialer settings.

Customizable Default Display:
Now you have the option to Customizable the dialer to your personal needs through the dialer settings.
As you open the dialer, you’re given the flexibility to choose your ideal default display.
Choose default recent calls, favorites, or previously identified calls based on your preference

Sound and Vibration Settings of the Dialer
The dialer offers you the flexibility to easily switch sounds and vibrations on or off as per your preference

Additional Support

  • T9 with real-time number search
  • Dark mode for battery saving.
  • Optimized for foldable devices. (fully support fold screen open or close)
  • Customizable dialer interface.
  • Dual-sim / eSIM support.
  • Copy and paste numbers into the dialer or via phone in a browser.
  • Shortcut for quick access to the ME dialer.
  • All your searches will be saved in the application under the Identified Numbers screen.
    Press the ‘eyescreen, and there you will find all the past results organized by tags.”

Tips for Using the New Dialer

  • For voice calls in apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, wechat etc.
    press on the dial icon or Drag the dialer up to make calls through 3rd party apps.
  • Slide the dialer down to scroll through results.
  • You can easily navigate through identified calls, favorites, or recent calls based on your choice.
  • You can create a shortcut for the Me dialer for a quick access.

We are constantly working on improving our Product since 2014 (Me ™ – MeApp ™) 
This new feature is just one of many updates that we have in store, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the future.
Thank you for using Me app and we hope you enjoy this new Dialer!