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March 28, 2021
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Color Indications ME App Identifies Scam Calls with “Flying Colors”

Remember the days we couldn’t recognize inside calls from unknown numbers, so we answered and lived to regret it?
Fun times indeed.

Luckily our technology has developed enormously, and those days are far gone.
Nevertheless, these days’ advanced technology is not exclusive to good people and is sometimes being abused for foul play, especially nowadays when scammers are lurking in the shadows.

While Caller ID has undoubtedly proven its proficiency in avoiding unwanted calls, it also proved to be essential for protecting us from spams, unwanted phishing scams, harassment calls, and more.

Because this feature is not only recommended but significant, we at ME App added another recognition dimension: Now, you won’t only recognize the call, but you will also know how reliable the call is.

How will you know? Effortlessly!

We made it super comfortable to recognize the type of call by designating variant calls to different colors.
Each color represents a different type of identification and gives a heads-up:

       Blue circle – Verified Caller ID from ME users (100% ID)

Color Indications
  • Green circle caller id – Identified call with a very reliable result.
  • caller id Yellow Circle – Uncertain Identification (Unverified)
  • caller id Orange circle – No identification (can be reported).
 Identifies Scam
  • caller id Red circle – Spam calls
caller id spam

Now, you will not only be more protected from sketchy calls, but you will always stay two steps ahead.

Hope we helped 🙂

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