August 17, 2021
Call Log
Call Log
May 29, 2022
August 17, 2021
Call Log
Call Log
May 29, 2022

Me Caller ID There is truly no rest for the wicked; we should know:)
We at ME app work every day to develop new incredible features and upgrade the ones we have. 

We created a NEW version of the Caller ID feature.
So, without further ado, let’s elaborate more on our new treat!
In this version of Caller ID, you will be able to perform activities much more quickly and easily.

How Does it Operate? As Easy as it Comes!
When receiving a call from an unknown number (how exciting, right?), you will receive a name identification, a picture (Selfie time everyone, make it a good one!), and other details. Once you answer, the ID transforms into a small bubble to not interfere with the screen or the call course.

Also, we improved the Caller ID process’s speed so that it will identify the number faster, we don’t like to make you wait😉
You always can choose between pop up caller id or Full caller id 

with our unique Me Tools:

– No more popup caller id, enjoy full our custom made full screen phone with real time caller id
– Quick actions supported such as: Send whatsapp, text, your email during a call
– Watch the FULL PICTURE of the caller on incoming and outgoing calls 
– Show the proximity of location between you and shared location friend
– Decline calls with custom message or pick one of our templates 
– Long Tap on the caller icon will open his full Me Profile
– Support all bluetooth devices 
– Fully support Conference calls, merge calls etc… 

We have extended our bubble support for this type of caller id
When minimized it will turn to a bubble which you can drag & drop on your screen 

* Tap on the bubble to open the full screen once again 
* Long Tap on the bubble will give you quick actions menu (end call and more)

You can choose from 3 templates of how to answer a call

– Slide to answer 
– Drag down to answer 
– Drag anywhere to answer 

That way you can choose your preferred method of how to answer any incoming call. 
We are already working on more templates for your convenience.  

You can always choose your caller id style, pop up, full screen, and how to answer calls 
The power will always stay with you. 


Pop up caller id 

  1. caller id: Tapping the circle when caller id in (open mode) will make the Caller ID bubble.
  2. A long touch on caller id (open mode) will open the Caller’s profile.
  3. -The bubble can draggable to a convenient location across the screen.
  4. -Tap on bubble will reopen the Caller ID

You can close the bubble by dragging down it to the x.

  1. WhatsApp during a call: Tapping the WhatsApp icon will open a WhatsApp conversation screen with the Caller ID’s phone.

** Important Note** The number does not have to be stored as a contact.

  1. Text message during a call: Tapping on the message icon will open a text message screen with the Caller ID’s phone.
  1. Sending your details during a call: Tapping on this icon will open the sharing details function during a WhatsApp call, and you will be able to send your details (Email, the phone as you entered in your profile) to the Caller ID’s phone.
  1. Additional Options: when receiving a call, there will be an option to answer and to disconnect the call in the additional menu.
  1. All Set: the menu will remain open/closed for the next call, according to how it stays set on the last you spoke. During an active/incoming call, the menu will change, and there will be options to disconnect call and mute.
  1. Writing a note during a call: You can write a note to remember important details about the caller during the conversation. When keeps a note regarding the caller, a red bubble alert will appear with the digit ‘1’, Which will illustrate a note’s presence. You will be able to open to view, update, and remove it. You can make any changes in the note from the Caller ID, the caller’s profile, and the call summary.
  1. Call recognition (Caller ID) settings – We allow our users’ full customization of the caller ID. You can make the adjustments via the caller ID settings. You can access caller ID settings from the settings icon located on the caller ID during a call. Or through the settings in the app: Open ME–> Tap on the logo> Open the settings of the Caller ID.
    In both, you will find a list of settings that you can turn on / off.

– If you want to turn off the Caller ID for incoming/outgoing calls in your contacts, you can turn off the relevant button.
|- To close the settings from the Caller ID, drag the menu down.
– Shared distance from a caller – If the caller shared distance with you, you could see it during the call.

** All of the above are relevant to Caller ID ONLY and are not including Spam**

Identify a call from a number found in the contacts.

During the incoming/outgoing calls, the bubble will appear to prevent interference on identified calls. So, if you want to perform quick actions on a contact, you can open the Caller ID and apply all the steps explained above.

** A bubble will appear in every incoming / outgoing with your contacts; if you are not interested in this feature, you can change it through the settings.

Open ME–> Tap on the logo–> Open the Caller ID settings-->
Turn off the “Show contact’s Caller ID bubble.”

Caller ID – Spam
ME continues to be the app with the broadest spam coverage. Spam Caller ID will appear when you will receive a call from a phone that identifies as a spam number. Spam ID will present as a regular Caller ID, except it will sign in red, and instead of sending quick actions, you can report it. If you know this is Spam, please let us know and Tap on the Like button. Your help will assist us in being accurate and reliable.

Color Indications for Caller ID and Profiles

How do I change caller ID settings to suit my needs?

You can adjust the caller ID in the Caller ID settings.

Open the app-–> Tap on the logo–> open the Caller ID settings.

  1. Present Caller ID in unknown incoming calls – If the function is off, Caller ID will not appear in incoming calls from new numbers.
  2. Present Caller ID in unknown outgoing calls: If the function is off, Caller ID will not appear in outgoing calls from new numbers
  3. Present Caller ID to my contacts – If the function is off, a contact’s Caller ID bubble and a Caller ID for calls will not appear.
  4. Read the Caller’s name aloud – If you turn on the function, the caller’s name will announce audibly during an incoming call, announce the caller name.
  5. Flash on incoming call – If you turn on the function, there will be a flash in every incoming call.
  6. Remember Caller ID location on screen – If you turn on the Caller ID location, the Caller ID will appear where you last set it on screen.
  7. Remember the location of a Caller ID bubble on the screen – if you turn on the function, the caller ID bubble will open exactly the last place you set it.

**Enable Caller ID in low battery mode is required to activate. **

Hope we helped:) Please feel free to leave comments and feedback on the content; please contact us for any questions; we will be happy to help.

 More guides publish soon. Stay tuned. 🙂