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April 24, 2021
Call Reminder
May 8, 2021

Caller ID Location Share Location with contacts and Get your Contacts distance in every call
With ME App, you can share your location with your closest contacts, and our Caller ID will show you the range between you and your contact.

This feature is free is also compatible with Ios and Android devices!

Imagine having a bad day, your mood is down, and you feel like nothing is going right. Suddenly, your best friend is calling you, and you can see that he’s just a few blocks away from you. Isn’t that great? You can tell him to meet you and get it all out because hey, this is what friends are for, right?

How do you share your location? Easily!

Tap on your contact of choice-–>Drag down the screen—->Tap on Share location.

How to remove location sharing  with Contact
Go to me setting –> location > choose from list and stop sharing location

Our feature Caller ID Location  is FREE of charge for all IOS and Android  users

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We hope your bestie is around the corner:)