Color Indications ME App Identifies Scam Calls with “Flying Colors”
April 12, 2021
Block or unblock a phone number / me user
April 24, 2021
Color Indications ME App Identifies Scam Calls with “Flying Colors”
April 12, 2021
Block or unblock a phone number / me user
April 24, 2021
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Blocking calls from different countries

blocking calls from different countries

Goodbye Scam Calls, Game Over!

You know the feeling when you get an incoming call from an international area code, and you suspect it’s probably a scam call, but curiosity takes over you?

If you are not waiting for an overseas call, you can choose to block all incoming calls from an international area code.
How to Identify and Avoid Common Phone Scams

Well, millions of people fall into the traps of fraudulent calls every day.
The strategy is simple.
The scammers call you to verify if your line is active. When they see it is, they continue to harass until you call back!

However, you can easily block all scam calls!
Rest assured, we at ME App alert our users in real-time when these scam calls occur.
Also, we added advanced blocking options to block incoming calls from different countries quickly and efficiently.

What are the new blocking options, and how do you activate them?
First, make sure you use the latest version of ME App. If not, go to Google Play and update.
Shall we continue? Great!

Tap on the ME logo–> Block settings–> Select which countries to block automatic
Next, choose the countries you do not want to receive calls from
 blocking calls

***Numbers from those countries that are saved in your contacts will not be blocked. ***
You can always add or remove countries to the list through the App settings.

Common questions:

What happens after a call is blocked?

Once you have received a call, the App will automatically reject it, and you will see in your call log a call identification that has been blocked!
* Please note that you will not receive calls from the countries’ dialing code that you have blocked unless it’s incoming calls from your contacts.

Will I be charged if ill accept the call?

No, but the scammers then will know the line is active. That is why it’s recommended to reject the call or block incoming calls from that international dialing code. (within the App settings)

What more should I do to protect myself?

It is recommended to activate the block feature from an international dialing code
Also it is helpful to block the payment for premium numbers through the cellular company.

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Please share this information and prevent your friends and family from
falling into the trap of this global phenomenon.
If you have further questions, we are here for you!

Hope we helped