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February 13, 2021
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February 14, 2021

Please note that this article applies to both iPhones and Android devices!
ME app gives you an automatic backup for your call logs, notes, settings, contacts, favorites, callers ID, and more directly to your private cloud storage in Google Drive or Apple’s Cloud.

We on ME app understand the importance of your personal information and have developed a new and smart system for backing up data in your private cloud.              
*To no more losing data*

You need to sign up for the backup services and approve a backup at least once for ME to perform a backup automatically in .
You will be able to restore all of your personal data or the data of your choice on the screen of the restore function. 

How do you reach the backup function screen?

Go to Meapp Settings —> Restore and Backup, or go to your ME profile —> Restore and Backup.

Your device was destroyed? stolen? Stay calm! With our backup, you can always recover all of your data with the click of a button.

You can easily filter and select which information you want to restore.

From call log to callers ID searched , notes, contacts favorites and app settings, or absolutely all of it. Your data, your choice! 

The automatic backup saves up to the last 5 backups, and we perform it for all users, including the non-PRO.

Please note:

  • The backup is done for FREE and automatically for all users, and saves up to the last 5 backups.
  • Recovery data is only possible through the app.
  • Recovery is possible only for Pro users.
  • The files are openable only when using the app.
  • If you deleted an account on the app —> The backup is still stored in your private cloud – so if you decide to re-register for the app and connect to the backup services, you will have the option to recover all of your information.
  • The backups are done in your private cloud!

The backup is done for Android devices and iPhones: Google Drive, Apple iCloud cloud.

Do you have any more ideas for this function? New ideas?
Do you want us to add more backup options?
Please feel free to advise us in the comments and share your ideas/thoughts/needs with us.

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